Application Security

Business demands show directions and change the way IT capabilities are developed and delivered. Old fashioned access control models, generally represented by users sitting at PCs on the LAN, accessing critical business data and applications from the internal data center, do not answer today’s business realities. Virtualization and cloud services have changed the definition of a “trust boundary” and the types of security controls that are required at that boundary, “freeing” business application from the internal data center.

As the boundaries have disappeared, security controls need to be addressed more and more on the application layer. As a result application level security controls for data exchange on B2C and B2B platforms are paramount in today’s mobile world.

dartalis understands your business needs and makes a design proposal that will minimize the risk exposure for your organization by putting in place a robust and yet flexible solution to secure your applications.

Application security solutions covered by dartalis are broadcast on following topics:

  • Web Application Firewall
  • Single Sign On
  • Mail & Web Security
  • Database Security
  • Patch Management
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