dartalisInformation is vital for most businesses requiring its availability and reliability in a real time mode in order to face efficiently business challenges.

Mitigating risks, enhancing systems and network performances are key components for IT functions. dartalis provides valuable solutions to business by building dedicated security and network architectures as well as providing advanced professional consultancy.

As the scope of technology is growing our portfolio is based on four identified specialized activities allowing us to deliver high quality services:


We turn technology into enterprise solution by designing, integrating and supporting customized solutions answering your unique information technology issues
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EndPoint Security

We are able to recommend, implement and maintain suitable hardware and/or software safeguard systems that will help protect your business from potential threats.

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Gateway Security

Security gateway services: we support, configure and maintain firewall engine, web and mail gateway allowing a comprehensive protection of your information access traffic.

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We helps clients to address all critical components of an effective IT security compliance program, including people, process and technology.

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