Implementation Services

During the implementation phase, a dedicated consultant will act as your single point of contact for the project coordination. He will ensure within more complex projects that the necessary skills of the dartalis team will be available. As all our consultants are based in our offices in Contern and not outsourced, we can react very flexibly and quickly to your needs.

During the kick-off meeting your designated contact will validate the prerequisites, the overall steps needed and the further planning with you.

You will be surprised by the efficiency and professional attitude dartalis consultants provide during the implementation phase. In general a certain level of knowledge transfer is also passed to your operational teams during the configuration phase.

A test and validation plan is prepared prior to putting the new solution into production. This will ensure that your business requirements and the new solution are aligned and there won’t be bad surprises.

After the successful acceptance of the new solution by you, we will provide you with the documentation of the specific requirements and configurations done by dartalis with the level of detail as defined in the initial project scope. From this point on your operational teams will take over the responsibility. Obviously we will be there to support you during the lifecycle of the solution. Further details are available in the support section.

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