Support Services

Business uses the IT capacities in the same way as your heart pumps blood. Any disruption of service has a direct effect on your business and your identity. Managing your risk has an impact on cost, all is about finding the right balance.

dartalis has built a support program called “Care Services” to provide you a flexible framework to meet your operational challenges. Our Care Services support you throughout the IT lifecycle of your network and security infrastructure.

Our team of certified professionals provide IT level support aligned with your organisation requirements, from basic to comprehensive service plans. Our major strength is flexibility, we can customise the response times, provide onsite response for severe issues, establish an upgrade plan and activate an escalation at each severity level.

Keeping up with security vulnerabilities is difficult, as evidenced by the number of malware and viruses available in the wild. That’s why we provide security advisories with an automatic process relevant for your environment, ensuring the continuity of your business. Beyond the fact that we provide qualified vulnerability disclosure linked to your assets, we also plan and assist you to take the right action at the right moment.

All our services have been integrated into a custom web portal which provide you a clear status of your assets with transparency at any time. This interface is a real collaborative solution which makes it easier for you to follow-up and respond to your service requests. Additionally, you will be able to follow the progression on your active projects and keep the history of your support request.

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