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Viruses, malware, trojans and ransomware lead the list of attacks on End-user devices, which has a major impact on business and the overall security posture of the network. However, protecting the End-user nowadays means much more than just protection against these threats. In the context of mobility, tiny mobile storage media with enormous capacities and cloud computing, Endpoint Security solutions become more and more significant to manage access and protect organisations assets.

Professionals of security are waiting for tailored Endpoint Security solutions helping to minimize the risk of data loss, granting secure communication and protecting devices and business assets. And obviously with all the protection measures in place, organisations still need to provide flexibility and a great user experience.

dartalis is able to recommend, implement and maintain suitable solutions for your IT environment that will help protect your business from potential threats. Backed by our experience, we can help you address the security issues related to anytime, anywhere and any device related issues aligned with the security policy of the organisation.

Common endpoint Security solutions covered by dartalis integrate the following features :

  • Mobile Security
  • Strong Authentication
  • Wireless
  • Secure Office Extension
  • Endpoint Security
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