Architect & Design Services

Information Security is not a purpose on its own – it is linked to the organisation’s business requirements. Understanding them is the first step in proposing a security architecture that will provide the right set of controls and protect the relevant assets.

Committed to excellence in each undertaking, we help companies to achieve strategic IT and security goals by delivering architecture and design advisory based on best practices and complying with standard and regulation constraints.

Dartalis will work with you to ensure the choice of the right blend of vendor technologies and services support your long-term strategies.

Our experienced security consultants, all with many years of general IT experience will produce deliverables for you with the following objectives:

  • Total client satisfaction – we put a major focus on your satisfaction. We will strive to achieve and deliver above expectations
  • Flexibility & Proximity – we are your local partner, always close by with the ability to adapt to your needs
  • Innovation – we keep ourselves ahead of competitors by proposing innovative and cost-efficient solutions to your complex problems

Based on the deliverable provided, we can further assist you with presentations from the relevant vendors, trial possibilities or even a Proof-of-Concept phase. This will ensure that you minimize the risk of not meeting business requirements in complex environments within the implementation phase. Further details are available in the Implementation section.

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