Check Point Security Administrator & Engineer Bootcamp R80.x


This course is designed to provide the best possible five-day intensive hands-on training in the installation, configuration, upgrading and debugging of Check Point Firewall-1/VPN and associated products.

Technical persons who support, install, deploy or administer Check Point Software Blades should attend this course (system administrators, support analysts, security managers, network engineers, anyone seeking CCSA/CCSE certification).

Check Point Security Administrator

Check Point Security Administrator provides an understanding of the basic concepts and skills necessary to configure Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades. During this course you will configure a Security Policy and learn about managing and monitoring a secure network. In addition, you will upgrade and configure a Security Gateway to implement a virtual private network for both internal and external, remote users.

  • Introduction to Check Point Technology
  • Security Policy Management
  • Policy Layers
  • Check Point Security Solutions and Licensing (Self-study)
  • Traffic Visibility
  • Basic Concepts of VPN
  • Managing User Access
  • Administrator Task Implementation (Self-study)

Check Point Security Engineer

  • System Management
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Redundancy + ClusterXL
  • Acceleration
  • SmartEvent (Self-study)
  • Remote and Mobile Access (Self-study)
  • Threat Prevention

Successful completion of this course depends on knowledge of multiple disciplines related to network-security activities including UNIX and Windows operating systems, Certificate management, system administration, networking (TCP/IP) knowledge.

This course helps prepare for CCSA / CCSE exam, available at VUE test centers.

Duration: 5 Days

Campus Contern
Bâtiment Colibri
19 Rue Edmond Reuter
L - 5326 Contern
Phone : +352 267 469 200