F5 Big-IP Configuring Advanced WAF (ASM)


This four-day course covers ways to manage Web-based and XML application attacks and the use of Application Security Manager to defend against these attacks. The course covers installation, configuration, management, security policy building, traffic learning, and implementation of Application Security Manager in both stand-alone and modular configurations. This class includes lectures, labs, demonstrations, and discussions.

This class is intended for security and network administrators who will be responsible for the installation and day-to-day maintenance of the Application Security Manager.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • HTTP and HTML Concepts
  • Common HTTP Vulnerabilities
  • HTTP Classes
  • Security Policy Building
  • Wildcard Entities
  • Traffic Learning
  • Parameter Configuration and Protection
  • Security Policy Templates
  • Web Services Protection
  • Protocol Security Manager Configuration
  • Logging Profiles

Upon completing this course, a student will be able to install and understand web application configuration and configure a security policy based on live traffic, Wildcard entities and Rapid Deployment techniques. Additionally, a student will be able to monitor and administer Application Security Manager.

Students should understand:

  • Basic HTTP and HTML concepts
  • Basic security concepts
  • Common network terminology
  • Web application terminology

In addition, it helps if students are familiar with:

  • Basic PC operation and application skills, including operating a keyboard, mouse, Linux and Windows OS
  • Basic Web browser operation (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are used in class)

Students can get officially F5 certified by successfully passing an exam at a Prometric Testing Center.

Duration: 4 Days

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